Health Major Applicants

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Vermont Tech’s in-depth Healthcare programs include Nursing, Dental Hygiene, and Respiratory Therapy. These programs require some additional application items which are described below.

Important Healthcare deadlines:

  • December 1: Priority deadline for Dental Hygiene and Practical Nursing (PN), after which we admit on a rolling basis
  • March 15: Deadline for Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) applications
  • We review applications on a rolling basis for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and Respiratory Therapy (RSP) programs

If you are applying to one of our Healthcare programs, please submit:

  • Completed application  (indicate your first choice of location)
  • $47 application fee (payable to Vermont Tech)
  • Official high school transcript with at least the first marking period grades of the senior year or official scores from a high school equivalency exam (GED)
  • Official transcript(s) from all colleges previously attended, whether seeking transfer credit or not
  • Official transcript(s) from any other Vermont State College attended prior to the 2002 summer term
  • SAT I or ACT results (for current high school students)
  • Vermont Tech placement test scores: acceptance guidelines include placement into freshman-level English and minimum Accuplacer scores of 70 for Arithmetic and 40 for Algebra. Respiratory Therapy requires a minimum Algebra score of 50. Testing may be waived if an applicant has previous assessment testing from another Vermont State College or if the applicant has approved transfer credit in math and English. Please contact Admissions for a waiver decision.
  • Personal Essay (250-500 words; discuss your motivation for pursuing a college degree at Vermont Tech or write about a topic of your choice)
  • Two signed letters of recommendation, dated within the past six months, with recommender's contact information. Letters should address your work ethic, communication skills, potential for adaptation to a fast-paced clinical environment, and potential to competently and compassionately deliver health care to patients across the lifespan. Letters from family members or friends cannot be accepted.

Additional requirements for ADN applicants:

  • A copy of your current LPN license (without any sanctions/restrictions/conditions)
  • If you are not a graduate of the Vermont Tech PN program or attended Vermont Tech prior to 1997, you must show completion of college-level equivalency for: Anatomy & Physiology I & II (8 credits); Nutrition (3 credits); and Concepts of Human Growth & Development (3 credits)
  • If you are a graduate of a non-college PN program, you must submit your PN program transcript
  • Proof that you have passed the PN National Council Licensure Exam (NCLEX-PN)
  • If you are a current PN student at another institutuion, you must attain a first semester GPA of 3.2 or higher. If a LPN graduate, you must have a GPA of 3.0 in your LPN coursework. BIO 2120, ENG 1061, MATH 1040, PSY 1010, and an approved Arts/Humanities elective may be taken after LPN graduation to improve your GPA to a 3.0 level
  • If you are a LPN, you must submit two signed letters of recommendation with recommender's contact information which address your clinical competence; work ethic; potential transition to an RN role, particularly with respect to leadership, management, and accountability; and interpersonal skills
  • Current PN students must submit a Summary of Clinical Performance document completed by each clinical faculty member
  • PN students attempting to complete courses for the ADN program may not enroll in spring or summer courses at any VSC institution until their spring term is complete

Prerequisites for the PN program at our extended sites:

Bennington & Brattleboro:  Human Anatomy & Physiology Part I, Human Anatomy & Physiology Part II, Nutrition

Lyndon, Middlebury, Newport, Springfield, St. Albans & White River Junction: Human Anatomy & Physiology Part I, Human Anatomy & Physiology Part II, Nutrition, Human Growth & Development

Prerequisites for our online Bachelor’s Degree programs:

Dental Hygiene Degree Completion

  • Completion of Associate Degree in Dental Hygiene with a minimum GPA of 2.5
  • Any non-DHY designation course for the 3rd-4th year can be taken in advance to improve your GPA

Nursing Degree Completion

  • Unencumbered, active license as a Registered Nurse within the United States
  • Completion of Associate Degree in Nursing from an accredited program with a minimum GPA of 2.5

Nursing Programs Direct Progression:

  • Beginning with the 2014-2015 school year, a qualified student who completes either the PN or the ADN program may progress directly to the next level nursing program at Vermont Tech without having to reapply.
  • Please see the Nursing Programs Direct Progression Form and Policy to learn more about direct progression and how to qualify.