Robynn Albert

Title: Marketing Training Manager
Phone: (802) 728-1457

Travis Allen

Title: Senior Mechanical Systems Technician
Phone: (802) 728-1000

Pamela Ankuda

Title: Director of Human Resources
Phone: (802) 728-1530

Rachel Arsenault

Title: Administrative & Marketing Assistant, Institute for Applied Agriculture and Food Systems
Phone: (802) 728-1677

Ghislaine Baker

Title: Financial Aid Specialist
Phone: (802) 728-1666

Nate Ball

Title: Assistant Director of Admissions
Phone: (802) 728-1798

Sarah Ballou

Title: Admissions Specialist
Phone: (802) 728-1444

Brad Bauman

Title: Business Growth Advisor
Phone: (802) 468-2282

Christopher Beattie

Title: Associate Dean of Administration
Phone: (802) 879-8241

Cynthia Berry

Title: Administrative Assistant
Phone: (802) 728-1589

Sarah Billings-Berg

Title: Nursing Site Director: NEK
Phone: (802) 626-6538
Department: Nursing
Degree(s): BS, MSN, Norwich University; DC, University of Bridgeport

Tammy Blakeney

Title: Counselor Academic Support
Phone: (802) 728-1000

Diane Blanchard

Title: Administrative Assistant
Phone: (802) 728-1631

Stephen Bohnyak

Title: Assistant Chief Technology Officer
Phone: (802) 728-1511

Karry Booska

Title: Director of Career Development
Phone: (802) 728-1320

Debra Boudrieau

Title: Business Advisor
Phone: (802) 257-7731

Charles Bradley

Title: Baseball Coach
Phone: (802) 728-1381

John Breault

Title: Public Safety Officer
Phone: (802) 728-1292

Rick Brown

Title: Lab Technician

Schneida Bruny

Title: Administrative Assistant: Admissions
Phone: (800) 442-8821
Degree(s): BS, Vermont Technical College