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2017-2018 Vermont Tech Course Catalog

(Looking for a catalog from a previous year? See the archive below.)

Vermont Tech Programs

Academic Calendar
General Information
Campus Facilities
Academic Affairs
Tuition & Fees 2017-2018
Financial Aid
General Education Requirements
Minors, Concentrations, & Specializations

Advanced Computer Software Development (AC)
Agribusiness Management Technology (AAS)
Applied Business Management (+2 BS)
Architectural & Building Engineering Technology (AAS)
Architectural Engineering Technology (BS)
Automotive Technology (AAS)
Business Technology & Management (AAS)
Business Technology & Management (BS)
Business Technology & Management (+2 BS)
Civil & Environmental Engineering Technology (AE)
Computer Engineering Technology (AE)
Computer Engineering Technology (BS)
Computer Information Technology (AS)
Computer Information Technology (BS)
Computer Networking(AC)
Computer Software Development (AC)
Computer Software Engineering (AS)
Computer Software Engineering (BS)
Computer Software Engineering (MS)
Construction Management (AAS)
Construction Management (BS)
Cybersecurity (AC)
Dairy Farm Management Technology (AAS)
Dairy Production & Processing (C)
Dental Hygiene (BS)
Dental Hygiene (+2 BS)
Diesel Power Technology (AAS)
Diesel Technology (C)
Diversified Agriculture (BS)
Electrical Engineering Technology (AE)
Electrical Engineering Technlology (BS)
Electromechanical Engineering Technology (BS)
Entrepreneurship (AAS)
Entrepreneurship (BS)
Entrepreneurship (+2 BS)
Equine Studies (AAS)
Fire Science (AAS)
Forestry (C)
General Engineering Technology
Landscape Design & Sustainable Horticulture (AAS)
Manufacturing Engineering Technology (BS)
Mechanical Engineering Technology (AE)
Nursing (PN)
Nursing (ADN)
Nursing (BSN)
Paramedicine (C)
Professional Pilot Technology (BS)
Renewable Energy (BS)
Respiratory Therapy (AS)
Respiratory Therapy (3YO) (AS)
Technical Education Program
Undeclared Major
Veterinary Technology (AAS)
Web Development (AC)

Key to Course Subject Abbreviations

Course Descriptions by Subject

Vermont Tech People

Course Catalog Archive

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