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Pat Moulton, secretary of the Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development, plans to leave her post in September to become interim president at Vermont Technical College. Read more...
Cutting it Close landscaping company

“As a small business owner, there are going to be late nights,” says student Jack Beauparlant. “It's hard at times but it definitely pays off. At the end of the day I know that I've worked hard for it and I've done it all myself.” Learn more about this entrepreneur's story...
Student skiing at the college ski hill in Randolph Center.

Vermont Technical College in Randolph Center, Vt. may sit among farm fields, but it is a hub of learning for students looking to gain skills in the applied sciences such as Mechanical Engineering, Entrepreneurship and Business Technology and Management. The President of the college, Dan Smith, is always looking for innovative ways to get students engaged in their learning, and recently VT Tech acquired a ski and snowboard press and is incorporating ski and snowboard building into the applied learning process for students interested in engineering, along with members of the campus Ski and Snowboard Club. The campus also boasts a rope tow, lights and a set of features that have been built and laid out by the students. Learn more...
2016 professional pilot technology graduates

It was a bluebird day for flying as Matthew Fuller piloted a single-engine Cessna 172 along the taxiway at Burlington International Airport. The 35-year-old Vergennes native was just weeks away from completing his bachelor of science degree in Vermont Technical College's Professional Pilot Technology program. In addition to technical skills, he's also mastered the terse radio voice of a seasoned airline pilot, evident as he radioed the control tower for permission to take off. "After a while, it just comes naturally," he said with a smile. Learn more...
Commencement 2016

When Courtney Banach was 11, she told her mom she wanted to be a farmer. So her mom sent her to a camp at Shelburne Farms.

"Thinking that was going to deter me, her plan really backfired on her, because I went back. I started working there, and I never left,"  Banach said. Learn more...


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