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A great resume is your best chance at a first impression. Discover quick tips to make your resume more professional and interesting. Read more...
Architectural Documents prepared by a Vermont Tech Student

Engineering Technology degrees, such as those offered at Vermont Tech, are a pathway to an engineering career. Read more...
Six GW Plastics employees pose for a class photo at their Vermont Tech Manufacturing Leadership Program graduation ceremony.

GW Plastics, one of Vermont’s largest advanced manufacturers, announces the graduation of its first manufacturing technology leadership class in partnership with Vermont Tech. GW selected incumbent employees in 2012 to begin Vermont Tech’s college program, designed for employees working full time. Read more...

At Vermont Tech, education is all about practical learning through real-world experiences. Over the holiday break, six Vermont Tech students and one student from Lyndon, took part in the experience of a lifetime. In Barcelona, Spain they explored architecture and culture, ate new kinds of food, and even learned some Spanish. It was all for a Vermont Tech course called “Architectural Study Abroad.” Learn more...

How many students can say they have worked on a satellite? At Vermont Tech, one graduate is getting the chance of a lifetime. Vermont Tech’s CubeSat Laboratory is working with Morehead State College in Kentucky to build an elaborate satellite—called the Lunar IceCube—that will launch in 2018 and begin orbiting the moon. Discover More...


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