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Every farmer knows that eventually the expensive equipment that once gleamed bright green or orange when it was new will succumb to age, hard use and rust.

Farmers also know that there’s still a lot of life left in old rusted equipment, if they can just get it apart to repair it.

NOFA-VT and Vermont Technical College recently held a workshop on how to do just that. Read more...
Photo of Earth as taken from Vermont Tech's CubeSat satellite.

Two years after launch, Vermont Tech's CubeSat reentered the earth's atmosphere and burned up. Now, we look ahead to our next big project with NASA. Read more...

Vermont Tech President Dan Smith and GW Plastics CEO Brenan Riehl recently penned a position paper about the benefits to the state with their employer/college partnership. Appearing in the Times Argus, the two leaders highlight how the combination of good jobs and an effective college that is aligned with local employers can be a remarkable economic development asset. Learn more...

VPR visits the Randolph Center campus to report on the future of manufacturing at the college and in Vermont. This fall Vermont Technical College launched a new degree program: a Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering Technology. A newly renovated lab allows students to learn how to program machines very similar to those used in high-tech manufacturing. Learn  more...

Building off of a model of Vermont Works for Women known as Rosie’s Girls day camps for middle school girls, Vermont Technical College offered a summer camp for ninth- and 10th-grade girls last summer and is continuing to further their exposure to skilled trades by connecting participants with mentors. Learn more...


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